Andy Wignall BVSc, MRCVS – Practice Principal and Veterinary Surgeon

71As Principal of Grange Vets Andy works mainly at the Mold branch. Aside from consulting and operating, his daily activities include keeping on top of the administrative side of the surgery.

His favourite part of the job is treating medical cases, but he also enjoys canine rehabilitation medicine.

Andy’s dog Winston, a Jack Russell terrier, frequently vies with the office dog Tremor for the title of Best Dog in the World. Tremor is the current winner but Winston hasn’t given up yet!

Vicky Wignall BVSc, MRCVS – Veterinary Surgeon

VickyteamVicky mainly works at the Connah’s Quay practice, where she spends much of her time either consulting with patients or operating when necessary.

Her favourite part of the job is being able to meet new people every day, although on the clinical side she particularly enjoys soft tissue surgery.

Vicky’s other full time job is looking after her Labrador Ruby, or to give her her full title “Ruby – Daenerys Stormborn, Mother of Dragons – Wignall”. She’s the sister of one of our vet’s dogs, and she enjoys going on big walks with the rest of the pack. 

Josie Cocks BVSc, MRCVS – Veterinary Surgeon

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Josie splits her work time between the Mold and Flint practices. Her daily duties involve consulting and operating, and she particularly enjoys soft tissue surgery. She has a great passion for shelter medicine and is incredibly caring when it comes to rescue animals.

Outside theatre she likes having the opportunity to meet new clients and get to know their pets.

At home Josie has a greyhound called Jem – a rescue dog who had a badly injured leg before she found her new home. She has also adopted a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Boost. Josie and Aaron enjoy finding new walks around North Wales to let Jem and Boost born off some energy!

Dylan Payne BVMedSci, BVM, BVS, MRCVS – Veterinary Surgeon

DylanteamAs a Veterinary Surgeon, Dylan spends most of his time either in the consulting room or the operating theatre. He works at both the Mold and Bretton practices.

Dylan particularly enjoys orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery, but also enjoys carrying out ultrasound scans.

At home Dylan has 2 dogs called Leo (pictured) and Ella. Leo was rescued from Romania! Ella’s a bit more of a home bird coming from North Wales. Dylan is also a player for Mold Rugby Club, so don’t be too alarmed if he turns up to work with a black eye.

Rhys Peters. BVSc, MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon

Rhys qualified from Bristol University in 2014 and is originally from this area having gone to school in Mold.

983822_10154712014885391_5408859423960863036_nHaving been with the practice for over 2 years now Rhys has settled in fantastically and plays a vital role in caring for many of our clients pets on a daily basis.

On the odd occasion that Rhys isn’t making sure your animals are fit and healthy he enjoys spending time with his fiancé Cassie and their beautiful Golden Retriever Taffy. He’s also a fan of mountain biking – if you’re a regular at Mold leisure centre make sure you keep an eye out for a shot from his earlier days, proudly displayed on the wall!

Alex Winter BVSc, MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon

Having lived in Lancashire for some time, Alex has now returned to Wales where he grew up in Merthyr Tydfil.

Alex qualified from the University of Liverpool in 2013 and since then has continued his education in veterinary medicine. His development into a top classdsc_0355 vet has been incredible and Alex is now an important member of our team. His main interest involves Veterinary Anaesthesia.

When Alex isn’t caring for your animals he is kept busy by his Labrador Jaffa who is the brother to our director Vicky’s dog, Ruby. He likes playing squash despite not having the best score record, and is learning to play the drums which you might end up hearing if you come to our Mold practice.

Aaron Lutchman - BVSc, MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon


Aaron is the latest edition to our team at the Grange, having graduated in July 2016. He’s taken to his work as a vet like a duck to water, and is building his skills at an outstanding rate in both his medical knowledge and surgical skills. You’ll see Aaron in our Mold practice when he’s not dashing around covering the branch surgeries.

Aaron lives with Josie and so also has 2 dogs at home; Jem the Greyhound cross and Boost the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Aaron’s always keen to explore new places to walk, and he’s not shy about walking a fair distance. Make sure to ask him about his exploits walking the Offa’s Dyke route along the border of England and Wales. He’s also waiting for the day to own his very own camper van, to make holidaying with the pooches even easier!

Judy Blythe RVN – Practice Manager

JudyteamJudy mainly works at the Mold branch in the main hospital, but visits the other practices on a regular basis to liaise with the staff and occasionally help out on reception. Her daily tasks normally include answering queries from clients, overseeing the running of the hospital and troubleshooting any problems that arise.

At home Judy has three dogs – two Italian Spinoni called Elvis and Wally, and a crossbreed called Tremor who accompanies her to work every day.

Judy’s also a huge fan of bears; check out our Vets’ Blog page to learn more about her recent adventures in Vietnam working with rescued bears.

Emma Pugh RVN – Head Nurse

As the Head Nurse at the Mold practice, Emma supervises the team of veterinary nurses in the hospital. She is also responsible for the training of student nurses as well as carrying out her own nursing duties.

Her favourite part of the job is nursing medical cases back to health and advising clients on preventative healthcare.

At home Emma’s pets include tropical fish and a cat called Snougle who was brought into the hospital with a broken leg.

Louise Williams RVN – Veterinary Nurse

Louise works at the Mold hospital, assisting in theatre, carrying out laser treatments and nursing patients in the hospital ward. She doesn’t mind the busy nature of her job as it gets her away from her teenage children!

Aside from her children, Louise’s home life is particularly busy. She has a cat called Goudi, a dog called Holly, two sheep called Snowy and Gizmo, five horses called Annie, Rusty, Jaffa, Riley and Melody, and some ducks.

Sarah Jones RVN – Veterinary Nurse

Sarah’s daily responsibilities involve caring for sick patients in the hospital, assisting the vets and also processing insurance claims. She works at the Mold, Hawarden and Buckley branches.

Her favourite aspect of the job is spending time with the animals in the hospital ward, where she has cared for a leopard gecko and a llama, amongst others.

Sarah has a tradition of naming her pets after famous icons. Her dogs are called Lars and Noodles, after musicians in the bands Rancid and The Offspring. Her cats are Bruce Lee and Milkins, the latter being named after a snooker player, and the two ferrets are Lemmywinks after a musician and Zidane after a footballer!

Colette Birch RVN– Veterinary Nurse

Colette works across the Mold, Hawarden and Buckley practices. She advises clients on the care of their pets, looks after the patients in hospital and assists the vets in theatre. She has recently qualified as a Registered Veterinary Nurse and is now delighted that she can spend all of her time caring for your pets rather than revising for exams!

Her favourite parts of the job are getting to know all the different pets that visit the surgery, and answering queries from their owners.

At home Colette has a considerable collection of pets. Her three guinea pigs were all adoptions from Capricorn Animal Rescue; one was brought in to have an injured eye removed and she felt sorry for them all. She also has three cats – Misty, Lucy and Bill – and two rescue rabbits called Tallulah and Buttercup.

Rachel Roberts - Head Receptionist

As Head Receptionist, Rachel’s main duties are to help train the other receptionists in the team and provide administrative support to the Practice Manager, Judy. She also spends a lot of time meeting and greeting clients, which gives her a great excuse to cuddle their pets!

Rachel mainly works at the Mold branch and enjoys meeting and greeting both new and regular clients. Her own pets include Flynn, a whippet, and two cats, Squiggle and Jack.

Sarah Watling - Receptionist

As Receptionist, Sarah’s main tasks are to answer the phones and meet and greet clients when they arrive for appointments. She mainly works at the Mold branch, and really enjoys getting to meet clients and having an excuse to cuddle puppies. Reuniting owners with pets who have been ill or had surgery is another favourite and rewarding part of Sarah’s job.

Sarah owns a chocolate Labrador called Coco. She didn’t really have much of a say in the matter – when she went to choose between Coco and her sister as puppies, Coco pushed her sister out of the way and waddled onto Sarah’s lap! Coco also now has Alfie the Cocker Spaniel to keep her company, even if he is a little loopy.

Debbie Marron - Receptionist

Debbie’s daily duties involve meeting and greeting clients and making sure everything runs smoothly in practice. She splits her time between the Bretton and Mold branches and enjoys the huge variety of work that each practice presents.

Debbie has a German Shepherd called Kelly and a rescued Crimson Rosella parrot called Jake. Unfortunately, Jake does not appear to be grateful for being rescued and does his best to kill anyone who happens to pass his perch!

Jess Williams – Veterinary Student Nurse

Jess’ daily duties involve looking after the patients in the hospital ward and providing general support to the veterinary nurses. She works in the main hospital in the Mold branch and particularly enjoys looking after the dogs that come in for treatment.

At home Jess has four dogs, a rabbit, a hamster and some tropical fish. She also has a ‘family heirloom’ tortoise called George, passed to her from her grandmother who had in turn also inherited him from a relative.

Jourdan Pearson – Apprentice Veterinary Care Assistant

Jourdan works at the Mold practice as an Apprentice Vet Care Assistant. On a daily basis she spends most of her time cleaning the hospital ward and theatre, looking after the patients and sterilising operating equipment.

Her favourite part of the job is taking patients for walks and getting to know all the animals when they are in for treatment.

At home Jourdan has six cats, one of whom was rescued from a house where she was being ill-treated.

Tremor (office pet) – Begging Operative

Tremor belongs to Judy and comes to work with her every day. He mainly stays at the Mold branch, but enjoys visiting the other practices in search of people who might offer him treats.

On a daily basis Tremor spends most of his time sleeping or waiting for food. He also enjoys hanging out with his other canine friends Elvis and Foggy.

Meet our family of vets, veterinary nurses and receptionists who are all here to help you and your pet