In 1974 Grange Veterinary Hospital was nothing more than a single room. Today, it’s a state-of-the-art veterinary centre

A photo of Grange Vets in Mold during the day

Grange Veterinary Hospital Mold Front

When you visit our hospital for the first time, it’s immediately clear you have chosen the best veterinary practice in town for your pet. Not only are we Flintshire’s leading veterinary care provider, but our team are also the politest, friendliest bunch of professionals you could ask for.

As a member of the Grange family, you may decide to visit one of our six veterinary centres closer to home. Whichever centre you decide to visit, you can expect the same exemplary standard throughout all six.

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However, if your pet requires surgical treatment or a special diagnosis, a member of our team may want to treat your pet at our flagship hospital. In these cases there is nothing to worry about; our hospital has superb facilities to accurately and efficiently diagnose your pet’s condition before treating it accordingly. This allows your pet to make a speedy recovery, which is what we all want to see.

The Grange Veterinary Hospital has been offering an indisputable service for over 40 years, and over time we have treated many family generations of pets.

Richard Wignall, who founded our veterinary family, joined the practice back in 1974 and became a partner in 1980. He then took sole charge in 1986, leading the development of the Grange Veterinary Hospital from a small traditional mixed practice to the state-of-the-art hospital that you’ll find on Tyddyn Street today.

All three of Richard’s children followed in his footsteps and decided to become veterinary surgeons. After several years of practising alongside Richard, Andy, Richard’s eldest son, took over and became the hospital principal in February, 2014. Andy’s younger sister Vicky works alongside him at the Grange, while Jamie has forged a successful surgical career in California, USA,

Over the years the Wignalls have developed a fabulous relationship with every animal they have treated and of course, their owners too.

Andy is dedicated to continuing his father’s efforts to develop the hospital further, and looks forward to meeting you in the future.

If your pet requires any form of veterinary care, from a simple check-up to something more extensive, pick up the phone or pop in to one of our branches; you’re always more than welcome to come and say hello.

Andy Wignall BVSc, MRCVS – Practice Principal and Veterinary Surgeon

AndyteamAs Principal of Grange Vets Andy works mainly at the Mold branch. Aside from consulting and operating, his daily activities include keeping on top of the administrative side of the surgery.

Andy describes his favourite part of the job as treating medical cases, but he also enjoys canine rehabilitation medicine.

Andy’s dog, Winston, a Jack Russell terrier, frequently vies with the office dog Tremor for the title of Best Dog in the World. Tremor is the current winner but Winston hasn’t given up yet!

Sid Sudunagunta, MRCVS – Veterinary Surgeon

Sid and Ella (1)Since qualifying from the Royal Veterinary College, London in 2011, Sid’s drive and desire to care for animals has continued to grow and he has developed a keen interest in cardiology. He has become a crucial member of the team here at Grange Veterinary Hospital and has recently had a research paper about Lungworm published.

Away from the practice Sid is an avid football fan and enjoys watching his team play at weekends; unfortunately that team happens to be Arsenal.

Josie Parker, MRCVS – Veterinary Surgeon

Josie is one of the newest members of our veterinary team but has already made a great impression with not only our clients but also their pets.

Having qualified in 2013 from the University of Glasgow Josie went on to complete a year’s internship at a veterinary hospital in Liverpool before becoming a member of our team.

Josie takes a special interest in ophthalmology and has an also has a soft spot for rabbits. She even has her own lavender coloured Netherland Dwarf rabbit called Henry who she managed to accidentally buy at an auction thinking that she was bidding for six chickens.

Emma Pugh RVN – Head Nurse

As the Head Nurse at the Mold practice, Emma supervises the team of veterinary nurses in the hospital. She is also responsible for the training of student nurses, as well as carrying out her own nursing duties.

Her favourite part of her job is nursing medical cases back to health and advising clients on preventative health care.

At home Emma’s pets include tropical fish and a cat called Snougle who was brought into the hospital with a broken leg.

Judy Blythe RVN – Practice Manager

JudyteamJudy mainly works at the Mold branch in the main hospital, but visits the other practices on a regular basis to liaise with the staff and occasionally help out on reception. Her daily tasks normally include answering queries from clients, overseeing the running of the hospital and troubleshooting any problems that arise.

At home Judy has three dogs – two Italian Spinoni called Elvis and Foggy, and a crossbreed called Tremor who accompanies her to work every day.

Rachel Roberts - Head Receptionist

As Head Receptionist, Rachel’s main duties are to help train the other receptionists in the team and provide administrative support to the Practice Manager, Judy. She also spends a lot of time meeting and greeting clients, which gives her a great excuse to cuddle their pets!

Rachel mainly works at the Mold branch and enjoys meeting and greeting both new and regular clients. Her own pets include Flynn, a whippet, and two cats, Squiggle and Jack.

Tremor (office pet) – Begging Operative

TremourTremor belongs to Judy and comes to work with her every day. He mainly stays at the Mold branch, but enjoys visiting the other practices in search of people who might offer him treats.

On a daily basis, Tremor spends most of his time sleeping or waiting for food. He also enjoys hanging out with his other canine friends, Elvis and Foggy.

Tremor was originally found in China. Judy was working at a bear rescue centre in Chengdu in 2008. During her time there, the area was struck by a major earthquake. It was then when Tremor was found. 

He was rescued from the area and relocated to this rescue centre. Judy bought him back from China in 2010 and he has adapted to life in Wales with characteristic good humour. 


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